2013 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

It’s About Time

On Friday, September 13, KABC held its annual training and member meeting at the Antioch Library in Merriam Kansas.

Judith Bellome

Judith Bellome, RN presented on safe levels of nursing care for elders in nursing homes, covering the amount of time needed daily from nurses and aides to prevent avoidable injury, illness and in some cases death. Ms. Bellome gave a ‘test’ to the audience, asking “as an able-bodied adult, how many minutes does it take you to get ready in the morning – including dressing, bathing, oral hygiene, and bedmaking? During the day, now much time is needed for breakfast, lunch & dinner and similarly, how much preparing for bed?” Trying to fit all of those activities into only two hours per day would be difficult at best for someone physically able. Imagine depending on another person to help with or do those things for you in only two hours a day. The training materials are available upon request.

Rep. John Wilson of the Kansas 10th House District talked with members and guests about the importance of the role of citizens and consumers in changing public policy especially as it relates to long-term care issues. He outlined effective strategies for helping to pass HB 2348 which would increase the hours of care received in nursing homes to 4.5 hours daily. Rep. Wilson urged persons in attendance to seek out their elected officials, and share their experiences of long-term care.

Rep. Wilson introduced HB 2348 during the 2013 legislative session. KABC supports passage of this bill that would increase, to a safe level, the minimum hours of direct, hands-on care for persons in nursing homes from 2.0 hours daily to about 4 and a half hours.

Rep John Wilson

During the annual business meeting, the following slate of board members were elected:

  • Pam Blau, Hays
  • Barbara Braa, Eudora
  • Evie Curtis, Overland Park
  • Janet Dunn, Lawrence
  • Earl Nehring, Lawrence
  • Artie Shaw, Lawrence

Linda Carlsen, Overland Park was elected as President; Marlene Finney, Topeka as Vice-President; and Margaret Farley, Lawrence moved to the Treasurer’s position.

We would also like to welcome our recently elected board members:

  • Jo Bryant, Lawrence
  • Ann Campbell, Topeka
  • Kim High, Lawrence
  • Sharon Mayo, Topeka

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